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NAF El Centro Base Security Access Form (SECNAV 5512)

Dear Members and Guests,

Since September 11, 2001, increased security measures were instituted at military installations all over the world. As a member, or guest, you have been asked to submit a form for authorization to be included to our guest list. We are no longer able to submit a guest list for access to our sponsored events.


Each member, guest, and U.S. Naval Sea Cadet parent and volunteers who wish to have access to NAF El Centro for Navy League and Sea Cadet events, and who do not hold armed forces identification will now be required to annually submit aDepartment of the Navy Local Population ID Card/Base Access Pass Registration form (SECNAV 5512). If approved, each individual will be issued a Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) card.


The DBIDS card will be valid for one year from issuance. The DBIDS system allows military installations to receive frequent database updates on changes to an individual's status for law enforcement warrants, lost/stolen cards, and naval force protection conditions. The card system provides a continuous vetting anytime the DBIDS card is scanned at a military installation entry point.  This is for your protection, and for the protection of your military members.

We recognize this new process creates significant inconvenience to our members, but we must do our best to help protect those who protect us. We appreciate that you will offer your full support to enable us to continue to hold our dinners at NAF El Centro.


Steps for Submitting Your Application and Receiving a Pass

To expedite your application, we recommend that you complete the form which may be downloaded here. The form is also available on our website here. We ask that you complete the form and submit the form by email (preferred) or hand-deliver it to the NAF El Centro Pass Office:



  • Hand-deliver application to NAF El Centro’s Pass Office (located in the brown modular trailer just outside the NAF El Centro Main Gate) during business hours:


Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Closed for lunch 11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

(Pass Office is closed on holidays and weekends)


Processing Your Application and Card (Expedited)

Once the Pass Office receives your application via email or hand-delivery, they will process it for approval.  The Base recommends that you allow up to 72 hours for the approval process. 


Before going to the Pass Office to pick up your card, it is recommended that you:


  1. Call the Pass Office at (760) 339-2524 to ensure you have been approved.

  2. If approved, proceed to the Pass Office for a photo and fingerprinting.

  3. Pass Office will issue you an ID card. 

  4. The estimated wait time for processing your DBIDS card is estimated at approximately 10 minutes.


Same Day Vetting in Person (Delayed Processing)

Same-day approvals are possible. However, customer wait times can be expected. You may have a wait up to 30-minutes, or longer. The member will be required to complete the form, wait for approval, photo, fingerprinting, and card issuance. We highly recommend your complete and submit your forms by email in advance.  



Please call the Pass Office at (760) 339-2524.

Please contact the council via our Contact Us page if you have questions.

Full instructions for submitting the Base Access Registration form is in the downloadable forms:     

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