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2023 VMA-214 Lake Bash

We derive great joy watching our Marines enjoy a day of fun and sun, while we do what we do best -- making sure their bellies are full of good BBQ.

Our annual Lake Bash was held on June 15, 2023, and 
was a warm 100-degrees, and the grill was even hotter, but the Marines cooled down in the waters of Lake Martinez.  We served up another 80 pounds of delicious pollo asada BBQ with all the fixin's for the squadron.  



2019 VMA-214 Lake Bash

There's nothing like a cool and refreshing dip in cool waters. 


Our Marines enjoyed a day of fun and sun on the shores of Lake Martinez, and our Navy League volunteers served up 80 pounds of delicious pollo asada BBQ along with all the fixin's to approximately 150 Blacksheep after they cooled down.

We had a great time!

2019 Lake Bash.jpg
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