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During the last several months, we have been attempting to work through the new security requirements at NAF El Centro that would enable us to continue to host our dinners at the Mirage Club.


Unfortunately, we haven't been able to resolve those issues, and we have made the difficult decision to move our T-bone dinners to a location in town. One of our challenges in locating a suitable site has been finding a location that will allow us to prepare our own steaks, and has all the amenties that we've become accustomed.


We have identified a few locations, but we're also looking at the cost factor. We're doing our best not to raise the cost of dinner, or switch to something other than our signature T-bone steaks.


Until we find a permanent solution, we will host our February dinner at his Emerald Seed Company facility.  Emerald Seed is located on Austin Road, just south of Ross Road, and north of Interstate 8.

2023 Council Event Calendar

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